IFS DipFA Coursework (Due 30/01/15)

IFS DipFA Coursework (Due 30/01/15)

Some pointers…

The IFS Coursework consists mainly of a 4,000 word essay.  The essay is marked according to QCF level 4 relevant academic standards (equivalent to the first year of a degree course).  As part of this, a bibliography meeting the required academic format is mandatory.  There are also three additional short questions on other topics.

The Coursework due for the end of January 2015courses-image focuses on employee benefits.  You are writing a briefing for a company that is considering introducing more employee benefits.

Your essay could consider what such benefits are, the pros and cons of such benefits, and the tax treatment of such.

In preparation for one of our courses, the IFS Study Folders contain an excellent starting point for research on why and how the UK taxation regime operates, plus technical guidance and knowledge around specific potential benefits.  Further reading and research is also required as part of this assignment.

It is essential for students to understand the referencing and bibliography requirements, and focus on a solid and thought-out structure.

Further support can be found by booking attendance at the Lewis Davis Course on 5th December in Central London; or via the Futuretrend Distance Learning Course.


Paul Davis, BA (Hons), Cert Mgmt, Dip. PFS, Futuretrend Tutor.

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  1. Marto

    I have noticed one trnniiag provider in particular urging people not to waste time doing CeFA. ..and offering some uber-cheap membership to train in hundreds of IFS courses as long as its done in one year I really wonder what their game is? Totally agree with you that this is the wrong approach as new entrants will need the structure and base knowledge that CeFA provides.


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