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Every month we go through our CeMAP forums at http://www.cemap123.co.uk (which our students have access to as part of their CeMAP Training programme) to see what interesting queries have been dziners-org-discussionposted.

Here is this months CeMAP query from Holly D:


When I booked my exams through IFS, you have the option of registering for CeMAP England/Wales or CeMAP Scotland.  In my text book there are still references to Scottish legislation, does that mean we may still be examined on it? I thought that was the idea of choosing the English/Welsh version so you aren’t examined on Scottish Regs


HI Holly

Totally ignore the Scottish stuff. If you do CeMap under English and Welsh law then you can do mortgages in Scotland, believe it or not, not vice versa!

David Airs – CeMAP trainer

4 thoughts on “cemap questions from our virtual learning zone

  1. Indri

    I agree with the result’s from the suervy you mentioned where it seems that Financial / Mortgage Advisers may not be doing their bit .Speaking as a general Joe’ I believe that I manage my money well by living within my means, however if it was common knowledge that using a financial adviser could save the general Joe’ a lot of money then it would be stupid not to use their services.But I think the majority of people only deem their services worthwhile when they will be dealing with large sums i.e. the purchase of a property.

  2. Nadir

    Hi There,

    I am trying to find information on the CeMAP training in Scotland or for scottish individuals, I have came across a few different courses that state there is a difference, however I just seen one of the trainers comments on a previous blog post stating that the English/Welsh version enables you to mortgage advise in Scotland as well as England and Wales however the Scottish version is only suitable for Scotland? If this is the case would it not be better for Scottish individuals living in Scotland to just do the English/Welsh version and be able to practise in all 3 countries? Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks Nadir


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