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Let’s Love Learning Again

The other day I was filling up the ‘quality family time’ meter by reading a story to my young niece, it was The Man by Raymond Briggs, one of my childhood favourites. There is one particular line in the story where one character says to the other “You stick to your education boy. There’s nothing worse than being uneducated… you miss so much in life… it’s like only being half alive.”

For some reason later that night I found myself pondering upon that line. I am far from the smartest person around but I have been through the English school system so I guess I’m somewhat educated. I was trying to imagine what it would be like if I couldn’t read or write, everything I would miss out on, now I would have to heavily rely upon the people around & mostly how trapped I would feel.

Unfortunately the classic saying ‘You learn something new every day’ doesn’t ring true for most of us. Too many of us take our ability to learn for advantage, only using it to learn what ‘so & so’ did in our favourite soap or to learn of the latest football results & gossip.
Learning new things can always be beneficial & in most cases will give you a great sense of achievement, think about it;
– When babies first learn how to walk they try to explore as many places as possible as they are no longer confined to the cradle (not that many people use cradles these days, but you know what I mean).
– When toddlers first learn to talk, they want to talk all the time, because their new communication method is a vast improvement from their old one of ‘cry or smile’.
– When people learn how to drive they tend to find that they can fit a lot more into a day purely because their travel time has been vastly reduced (depending on traffic of course) & in many occasions it opens up a lot more opportunities.

Car On Rd

For example you can learn InDesign to create personal birthday cards using your own designs to give to your family & friends. This will be a lot more impressive than buying a ready-made card & will no doubt mean a lot more to the recipient. So whatever the subject may be just get out there & love learning again.

Family enjoying a birthday card.

Why you should find time for training (especially when you haven’t got any!)

Often companies and management view training as a secondary need or a luxury instead of an organisational necessity. There seems to be an absurd fear of investing in and then losing a well trained employee. The fear is in making the investment and losing it. Too many times a manager will ask: “What if I train employees and they leave?” But in this day and age, a company should instead be asking “What if I don´t train my employees and they stay?” No longer can any company afford not to offer the latest training techniques for their employees, the business world is just too competitive and ever-changing. By keeping untrained employees over a period of time, you hinder your company, become outdated and are unable to compete in your industry.

Too many managers see training as a feature or a gift instead of a necessity. So, when cut-backs occur it is often the training that gets put out of the way. The problem is: many managers really do feel that “Training negatively affects an employees work efficacy.” Instead of realizing that the newly learned techniques will improve the staff’s overall capability, work habits and work management.

The attitude is usually: “Training is great, so long as there is extra money, and it doesn’t take the staff away from important work tasks.”Unfortunately, those that believe this to be true, usually have a real training, staff and efficiency problem. Businesses that train are prepared for business survival and to outperform others in every aspect of development, production and innovation.

Training is about building an individual’s skill level and improving his/her education in all things related to the industry sector they compete in. Companies that train experience several benefits including:

  • Better Job Recruits-Job candidates are now looking for a work environment that offers more than just money. They want an environment that fosters personal development. A company that offers an effective training program has better job candidate options.

  • Motivation-the more motivated you keep employees the higher job retention you will have. People that work for a company that cares about personal growth are more likely to stay at the company.

  • Productivity-Companies that offer training often have better employee productivity and consequently higher revenues.

But as in all corporate strategy implementation, if TRAINING is not supported from top management, it will be ineffective. All levels of a company´s management must understand the importance of training as a process and know that it is not a single one time learning event. A company that touts the “Corporate University” status must be committed to developing a learning environment.

 An ideal training and learning environment means management will include it in corporate communications, business plans and performance goals. By involving management in the training process, conducting appraisals, updates and goals, personnel will understand that there is a direct correlation between training and career success.

However training is about more than just placing a teacher in a classroom. It is about effective, dynamic and hands on training methods. As an organisation considering training integration, you need to analyze quality training and delivery methods. As the saying goes: I hear-I forget, but if I see and do then I understand. This is what efficient and qualitative training is about. It is not only explanatory but also hands on and team participative, making the process really effective and allowing the participants to use the knowledge they receive in the work environment.

Travel to Enfield for Training!?

Due to the recent riots in London, Enfield has been in the public eye for all the wrong reasons. Futuretrend is a training provider which has been based in Enfield for over 10 years & we would like to remind people why it’s not that bad to come to Enfield for that training course that will advance you in your career.

Enfield boasts a newly refurbished town centre as its focal point, which features a new shopping centre called Palace Gardens; http://www.palacegardensenfield.co.uk/ .

Futuretrend’s training centre is located on the edge of Enfield town, so all our students have an interesting place to visit during their lunch break. Being a part of greater London has it own benefits, one being that Enfield is away from the hustle & bustle you get in the city & the other being that Enfield is exempt from the congestion charge & has free parking available on its streets.

Futuretrends training centre is easily accessible to all. For those who drive we are a few minutes away from the A10 , A406 & M25  and as for those using public transport we are a 5 minute walk away from Enfield Town train station. There are also various buses which stop near our training centre.

Taking the train from the city/central london? Easily hop on a train from Liverpool street that brings you right into Enfield Town (roughly 25 – 30 mins). Hey, if you are a cemap, cefa or dipfa student it’s a great time to go through your revision note books too!

For those who travel from a distance there is a number of local hotels & B&B’s; http://www.futuretrend.co.uk/accomodation.html.

So why not give Enfield a try with Futuretrend.

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