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Day Trading Forex, Stocks & Commodities Training...
Learn how to trade like a professional!

The Day Trading Forex, Stocks & Commodities Training Course is created by our professional trader with a focus on how Forex and Commodities markets work and the trading psychology behind them. It is a no frills, bare bones, learning programme that to date has helped many traders improve their trading results and generated profits for people who are completely new to trading.

This Forex Training programme is a must for anyone who has little or no experience in online financial trading. It is simple, effective and very much ensures your entry in the world of online trading is a success story.

Scheduled Course Dates and Prices

Duration: 1 weekend and 10 hours Online (2 classroom sessions at the training centre and a further 10 hours online)

Normal Price: £995

Early Bird Special offer: £495

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Time:   Classroom sessions: 10am - 5pm
The Course

Part 1 (classroom- based)

The first part of the course provides expert trading techniques and knowledge of different financial markets, and its applied instruments. Types of financial markets we will focus on are:

·         Stocks and Bonds – While trading Forex or commodities, you will also learn to trade Stock market index, like MSCI World, S&P 500, Dow Jones, NASDAQ, FTSE 100, CAC, DAX, Nikkei 225, RTSI, Hang Seng, and SENSEX.
·         Foreign Exchange markets or Forex(FX) - . During the course you will learn to trader 6 major currencies (USD ($), EUR (€), JPY (¥), GBP (£), AUD ($), CHF (Fr)) and their crosses. We will also discuss the importance of the emerging market (BRIC) currencies, Brazilian Real, Russian rouble, Indian rupee and the Chinese Yuan.
·         Derivatives markets – We will discuss and work on two basic derivates: Exchange Traded (ET) & Over the Counter (OTC). This part of the course will also offer a chance to trade financial instruments such as, cash/spot, futures or options. Euronext liffe and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), trade in standardized derivative contracts.
·         Commodity Markets – This market settles prices of day to day traded commodities. Commodities such as metals (Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum), energy(Crude oil, Gas, Petroleum, Heating oil), and agriculture(wheat, corn, rice, soya, and other soft commodities like sugar, cotton, cocoa).
Students will clearly understand the concepts of different ‘financial trading models’ within the capital market. Through this students are taught to trade models such as ‘Contract for difference or CFD’s, Cash or SPOT, Financial Spreadbetting, Future or Option’.

Although most of methodologies or techniques are initially theory based, they are developed and practiced in the 2nd part of the course.

Part 2 (online)
Forex Coaching and Mentoring
As with any new skill, we know you won't become an expert just by reading a book, watching a video or attending a short course. Our Forex Trading Course is no different.

This is why at Futuretrend Training Academy we are committed to providing the best and most comprehensive support every step of the way as you learn to become a successful trader.

As soon as the initial 14 hours classroom training is over, we will take you right over to the second part of the course which is online Coaching and Mentoring. This part of the course spans over 3 - 4 weeks (approximately 2 - 3 hours per week).

Your course instructor will take you through your daily trading activity. You will run your trades under his supervision and discuss work analytics, test strategies, technicals while being updated about latest news and reviews. Every week you will be privy to attend webinars during which potential weekly trades will be discussed.

During the course, he will monitor your development and tailor the support specific to your trading requirements. Our post-course support is designed to help you become confident & comfortable enough to run your individual trade plans independently.


Who Should Attend  

There are no age or race barriers towards learning new skills. Our ‘candidates’ include:

  • Accountants, financiers, consultants, advisors, lawyers, bankers, civil servants administrators/managers and all those who originally thought attaining knowledge of Financial and Capital Markets can only be for an economist or bankers benefit.
  • People looking for home based professional work that would earn them a comfortable income
  • Fresh out of the school and university graduates wanting to add real ‘job skills’ to their exam or degree results.
  • Investors looking to protect or diversify their portfolios.
  • People returning to work after having a new family member or after some illness – Looking to either brush up rusty skills or as a basis for starting a completely new career/skill.
  • For people willing to retire early and taking to that well deserved life in an exotic retreat and yet earning by only working few hours a day.
  • Individuals who are stuck in a dead end job wanting to get out and in with something lucrative and worthwhile and wanting to learn something new that only 5% of the world’s population does for a living.


Our trading course will help students to:

  • Profit in an up or down market.
  • Trade successfully and safely in 24 hour market.
  • Trade mechanically without emotions being involved.
  • Earn extra streams of income from trading. Sometimes by doing so only couple of hours a day.
  • Start trading with an investment as little £100 and/or up to thousands of pounds as you wish.
  • Earn anything from £50 up to £1000’s a week based on your level of investment.
  • Trade for a living.

Course Outline

Delegates will learn beginners to advanced techniques, insights and trading methodology of Forex and Commodities markets. Main features are:

  • Intro to Basics & background of OTC (over the counter) market derivatives
  • Methods and mindset of a CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) floor trader revealed
  • In depth analysis of support and resistance concepts
  • Full disclosure of the exact methods professional traders use to maintain consistent profitability
  • A new and useful way to think about the markets and how they function
  • Thorough examination of price action and volume principles and back testing different pairs
  • Meticulous investigation of Institutional Trader's Psychology and subsequent behaviour
  • Framework of individual trader psychology, how to manage it, and why this is key
  • Reading Charts and charting patterns
  • Money management proficiency and position sizing designs
  • The Fundamentals of Trading
  • How to find opportunities in Play
  • How to Review your Trading
  • Trade Execution
  • Risk Management
  • Psychology of Trading One on one support with an experienced trader

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