An approach to doing DipFA coursework assignment…that really doesn’t work!

When we sign up for qualifications like DipFA which take about 9 months to complete we have every intention of getting stuck in, working our hardest to get through it in flying colours and progress on to a career as a financial advisor. However, life and it’s various curveballs get in the way and somehow, despite our best intentions reality can be very different from how we pictured it.

the not so dilligent dipfa student

Last minute Larry labours over his coursework

Stage One – 12 weeks from deadline

I have just received my coursework from the IFS. A massive manual to read! I flicked through a few pages… interesting? – not! Anyway I have plenty of time to get this assignment done. I’m back to back with office work at the moment. I really don’t need to worry about it.

Stage Two – 8 Weeks from deadline

Hmmm, maybe I should get started on my paper, but not right now. I just don’t feel like reading that boring manual right now. I have so little time to myself. I’ll get started later. I don’t need to worry.

Stage Three – 4 Weeks from deadline

Wow, I didn’t realize that this assignment was due so soon. I’m just going to finish watching Eastenders and then I’ll get started on reading that huuuge manual… but then…ah, there’s also Jason’s party happening. Well, one needs a social life too! I’ll start reading the manual tomorrow. I’ve still got time.

Stage Four – 2 Weeks from deadline

I have read the manual twice now. There are still many things I don’t understand but I don’t need to worry about it. I’ve written a few paragraphs. I still have plenty of time to get the work done, especially if I burn the midnight oil in the next few days. Who needs sleep anyway? I spent most of my time propping up the student union bar whilst at Uni but still got a 2.1 I’ll be fine.

Stage Five – A few days before deadline

OMG… I have so much work to do! Why didn’t I do this earlier? All I want to do is go to sleep, but I’m never going to get all of this work done. This is ridiculous; why does the IFS DipFA Coursework require us to produce so much information and yet there’s so little time to get it done?

Stage Six – Right after deadline

I cannot believe I got all that work done. I will never ever, ever, ever procrastinate again. That was not worth all that stress, and now I’m so tired I’m not sure I even did a good job on that paper. Next time I’m going to get started right away. I will be a better student.

Stage Seven – Two months later

I’ve just received my DipFA Factfind exam material. I’ll get started later. I have plenty of time anyway; the exam is not due for four more weeks.

Restart stage one.

If you are taking the DipFa qualification we hope this person doesn’t resemble you. Working in a frenzied and hurried fashion at the last minute is not the best approach for scoring maximum points. Ultimately, it could mean a fail and the possibility of having to do it again. and that’s a scenario best avoided.

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