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Some helpful info for those studying DipFA FSRE

The summary attached below links the Topics, i.e. chapters, in the IFS FSRE manual with the learning outcomes, and also identifies the potential marking available for that learning outcome.

The way to understand this is that the Learning Outcomes represent the syllabus issued by the FCA, and that is what is tested, not the study manuals!

Obviously all students need to take an holistic approach to the exam; however in terms of prioritising your study and exam technique, the ‘big hitters’ are;

  • Learning Outcome 5 (Topic 13/14)
  • Learning Outcome 6 (Topic 15/16)
  • Learning Outcome 7 (Topic 17/18).
  • Learning Outcome 9, 10,11 (Topic 21/22).

I hope this information helps you prepare for your DipFA FSRE.  You could also consider our 5 day DipFA FSRE Training course if you need further support.

FSRE Learning Outcomes and Topics List