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Introduction to Sage Line 50 Training

Sage Line 50 / Sage Instant Accounts are accounting tools to speed up the processes of entering day-to-day financial transactions and producing accurate reports on the state of the business.  Sage also has immense versatility, handling all sales and purchases, bank transactions; stock control and order processing, plus generating invoices, statements, reports and sales letters.

Therefore, acquiring the skills to make the best use of the software is imperative.

What makes our Sage training unique?

We simulate a ‘real-life’ working environment, using replicas of real accounting records and documents; recreating all possible financial transactions common to all SMEs such as bank loans, hire purchase, leasehold rental, etc.


  1. Learn how to navigate the Sage software; know the setup procedures; understand how it functions; good housekeeping; methods and procedures of entering source accounting records onto the system;
  2. Learn how to generate, produce and interpret essential reports relating to profitability, balance sheet and VAT; Aged and activities reports on trade debtors and suppliers;
  3. Learn how to trouble-shoot problems; invoicing; maintenance (corrections, check data, rebuild data); period and year ends procedures; backup and restore;

Entrepreneurs and business people seeking to get the most out of Sage; interpret financial reports; save costs; and understanding good housekeeping; Staff responsible for the day-to-day running of existing Sage Line 50 / Sage Instant Accounts systems or enterprises planning to implement one;

Note: Participants should be competent in operating a PC.

The amount of material covered in class is quite vast (see outline below). It's therefore required that students are comfortable using a mouse, opening/ saving files and with the general operation of computers. While we will make every reasonable effort to help, students with insufficient skills still wanting to take this course should first consider undertaking an IT skills course so as to not slow down the rest of the class.

Course outline

Programme Basics
  • Starting Sage 50 Accounts 
  • The main programme window 
  • Modules, windows and views 
  • Getting help 
  • Exiting Sage 50 Accounts 
Getting Started
  • Getting started 
  • Restoring data for the first time
  • Setting the financial year
  • Backing up for the first time 
Account Names & Numbers
  • Debit and credit
  • Double entry book-keeping
  • Viewing the accounts list 
  • Printing the current list
  • Viewing and printing Nominal List report
  • Account ranges
  • Changing account names
  • Control accounts 
Bank Entries
  • Bank Receipts
  • Bank Payments 
  • The financial state of the company
  • The Trial Balance report
  • The Profit and Loss report
  • The Balance Sheet 
  • The Customers module
  • Entering a new customer
  • The Customer Record Wizard
  • Adding more customers
  • About selecting customers
  • Editing customer details
  • Customer delivery addresses
  • Customer address lists 
  • Supplier details
Service Invoices
  • The Invoice window
  • Service Invoices
  • Printing invoices
  • Updating ledgers
  • Viewing customer and invoice information
  • Re-printing the invoice
  • Products
  • Adding new products
  • The Product Record window
  • Non-Stock and Service items
Stock Control
  • Stock adjustments in
  • Stock adjustments out
  • Stock returns
  • Product activity
  • Stocktaking
  • Re-order levels
  • The Product Dashboard 
Product Invoices
  • Product Invoices
  • Adding an invoice with a customer delivery address
  • Adding a further invoice
  • Mix and match invoicing
  • Printing the invoices
  • Changing an invoice
  • Updating the ledgers
  • Adjustments in 
Product Credit Notes
  • Product Credit Notes
Reviewing your Accounts
  • The financial state of your company
Sending Statements
  • Customer Dashboard 
  • Account balances
  • Aged debtors analysis
  • Statements 
Customer Receipts
  • Customer Receipts
  • Automatic allocation of receipts
  • Manual allocation of receipts
  • Partial allocation of receipts
  • Giving a discount
  • Payments on account 
Customer Activity
  • Customer Activity 
Purchase Invoices
  • Supplier details
  • Batch invoices
  • Supplier account balances
Supplier Payments
  • Payments to suppliers
  • Making a payment
  • Printing remittance advice notes
  • Printing cheques  • Supplier activity
More about the Nominal Ledger
  • Journal entries
  • Nominal code activity
  • Nominal Ledger Graph
  • Nominal records
More about Bank Accounts
  • Bank transfers
  • Combined payments
  • Petty cash transactions 
Bank Reconciliation
  • Bank Reconciliation 
Recurring Entries
  • What are recurring entries?
  • Adding new recurring entries
  • Adding a receipt
  • Adding journal credits and debits recurring entries
  • Setting up a bank transfer recurring entry
  • Editing an entry
  • A recurring entry processed weekly
  • Processing recurring entries
  • Suspending postings
  • Deleting recurring entries 
VAT Returns
  • Notes on VAT returns
  • Producing a VAT return
  • VAT adjustments
  • Printing the VAT return 
  • Reconciling the VAT transactions
  • Updating the VAT account references 
Simple Reports & Information
  • Information 
  • Reports

Class time is 10:00 a.m.- 4:30/5:00 p.m. Breaks are scheduled throughout the day and lunch is typically scheduled between 1-2 pm. We provide you with Tea, Coffee, Biscuits and other refreshments on the house. We also have a fridge and a microwave available for you to store/warm up any food you wish to bring along for your lunch.

Course Duration 1 Day
Course Price £150+VAT
Scheduled Dates Please call us on 02084432888 to arrange dates
Course Times 10:00 till 16:00

Please call us on 020 8443 2888 to arrange dates.

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