About Futuretrend

Futuretrend has been providing IT, Design, Financial and Business Skills training since December 2000. With a solid reputation for delivering high quality programmes, Futuretrend has become a successful and well established training centre.

Year on year hundreds of learners come to this centre to pursue a course of study that will help them fulfill career aspirations, improve their job prospects or to simply learn more about a particular area of interest.

In today's competitive business environment the importance of up-to-date skills cannot be overstated. With Futuretrend, you and/or your team will benefit immensely from our results-oriented training.

Our instructors are professionals who work full-time in the industry and bring their working knowledge to the classroom to enhance your learning experience.

Our courses are centred on learning by doing, ensuring that learning retention rates are high and that delegates are able to confidently apply their new found skills in the workplace or successfully in an exam situation, demonstrating an immediate return on investment.

A prerequisite for any Futuretrend trainer is that they must practise the skills they teach. It is essential that they are able to draw from real world experiences to illustrate subject matter, thereby enabling delegates to envisage how best to use software and concepts effectively. This is based on the following ethos: “Tell me and I’ll forget. Teach me and I’ll remember. Involve me and I’ll learn.”
We are often asked how we have made a success from a company which was seemingly produced from nothing but which has now become one of the most dynamic organisations within the industry.

The answers are simple;

Speed - We have built a good reputation around the fact that we do not keep our clients waiting for answers to their requirements. If we tell you we shall call back the same day then we absolutely mean it. It’s more likely that we will get back to you on the spot.

Quality - One attribute is nothing without the other. All Futuretrend's staff and associated freelancers have major industry experience and are amongst the best and highest qualified in their sphere of activity in the UK; and why not?  Our reputation depends on them.

Personal touch - Whilst maintaining the air and professionalism of a larger company you will always know who you are dealing with when you dial through to our offices. We give our individual time to each of our clients and as such you are guaranteed a friendly and personal reception.

These are only three of the numerous reasons as to why so many individuals and organisations in and around the UK are choosing to trust their training to Futuretrend. Our success depends entirely on our client's satisfaction and this is mirrored in our everyday approach to your requests. We don't expect to stay at the forefront of our competitors without maintaining sharp minds and a fresh attitude.

Another typical question asked is how can we offer our courses at such low prices ?
Here is why; Futuretrend has never taken out costly traditional advertising which would lead to unnecessary expenditure and thus forcing prices up. We have built our success mainly on very good "word of mouth" and relatively inexpensive online marketing. As such we are in the lucky position of being able to do away with the myth that business can only be generated through glossy brochures. Additionally, we are not passing on the premiums charged for West End and City training venues. Most of these will still not be as modern or well-equipped as our newly refurbished classrooms. Our premises are within an Elegant Victorian North London building. You could easily be paying double the amount and more attending a similar course elsewhere and probably not even half the quality.

We hope our web site will give you a taste of the quality of study available at Futuretrend and make your decision to study with us a little easier.
We all learn best when we are happy and valued so let us help advance your skills and enhance your potential.