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Stocks, Shares and Investments Training Course for beginners

Are you interested in learning about the Stock Market, Shares Trading and Investments?
if so, then we have the ideal Stock Market course for you!

We sincerely believe that anyone can learn to be an efficient and profitable Trader on the Stock Market... and with bank interest rates at an all time low there is no better time to start looking at alternative routes to making a return on your investments.

You have probably spent a lot of time visiting pages on the web trying to get pointers and guidance on how to get started with investing in the stock market. The amount of information out there is stupendous and for most just too confusing.

Wouldn't it be great if could just have someone break everything down into bite size chunks and demystify the whole process? This is exactly what happens on our stock market training course.

In a nutshell, this is how you will benefit:

  • You will be given a comprehensive introduction to the stock market, the F.T.S.E., the AIM etc
  • You will understand how markets work, market influences, online trade mechanisms
  • You will understand investment jargon, and trading terminologies (such as IPO, Index, Bonus, Dividend, etc)
  • You will learn about Gilts, Bonds, Unit Trusts, Share Options/Futures, different types of investment opportunities
  • You will be shown how to read company reports, charts, gather and analyse market information,
  • You will learn how to use Stock Screeners to buy and sell stocks, shares and other securities.
  • You will learn how trade with a “demo” account without risking actual money until you can demonstrate a track record of making successful trades.


Whether you are planning on becoming a home-based part time trader or vocational investor looking to substitute or supplement your income by trading stocks, the Stock Market Training Course at Futuretrend equips you with the same methodologies, strategies and tactics used by professional city traders.

This is a unique stock trading course in which you will learn the "tricks of the trade", practice without risk and finally start to trade on your own ...with confidence!

So theres no need to keep trawling the Net not knowing where to start or where to get answers to your most pressing questions about stock market trading.

Want to know the best part?
This isn't a course that will cost you thousands of pounds like some others out there. This is an opportunity to learn the same tips, tricks and techniques for a fraction of the price some West End/City organisations charge.



Those who want to learn more about the stock market.
(Complete beginners welcome!)

Those who want to learn more about online stock trading.

Those who want hands-on guidance on how to craft their own investment strategy.

Those who want to learn the skills needed to manage risks and enhance trading on the stock market.

Investors looking to protect or diversify their portfolios.

Mortgage Advisors, Financial Advisors, Banking Personell that have CPD (Continuous Professional Development) requirements

Those who want to become full time/part time stock market traders.

Learn more about stocks and shares training and our trainers on the FAQ page

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Maximum 10 people per course.

There are no pre-requisites.
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Course outline

  • Investment theories and 21st century stock trading
  • What a share is and how the share market works
  • Trading domestic & international stock markets.
  • How to identify & trade in different market conditions
  • How to picks Shares based on Fundamental Analysis
  • How to pick under Valued Stocks and Over Valued Stocks.
  • Penny Stocks Investing and trading
  • Ethics of margin trading such as Spread Betting or CFD trading
  • How to actually buy and sell shares and CFDs, using trading orders such as TTO, Market, and Limit, and adapting them to the market conditions
  • How to read & analyse charts, using bars, candle sticks, patterns and formations
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Identifying intra-day and multi-day trading formations and patterns
  • Developing a trading idea for buying and selling shares at different trading time frames
  • Using moving averages, and a few other technical indicators along with unique strategies that will help you make money even in the toughest times
  • Derivatives (Options) and sharing Excellent Strategies, such as covered calls and credit spreads
  • Unit Trust, OEIC (Open ended investment Companies) Investment Trust.
  • Fixed Income investments Such as Government Bonds.( Trading and Investing)
  • Introduction to Trading Currencies (FOREX), Commodities (Gold, Silver and crude oil) with the most reliable Technical Analysis Indicators.

Weekend batch: Class time is 10:30 a.m.- 5:30 p.m. (Weekend Batch)Breaks are scheduled throughout the day and lunch is typically scheduled between 1-2 pm. We provide you with Tea, Coffee, Biscuits and other refreshments on the house. We also have a fridge and a microwave available for you to store/warm up any food you wish to bring along for your lunch.

Weekday Batch: Class time is 6.45 pm to 9.30pm. there will be a short 10 -15 min break in between. We provide Tea, Coffee, Biscuits and other refreshments all on the house.


Course Duration 2 full days (weekend) training & post course tutor support
Course Price £350
early bird special offer - for limited time only   
Offer Price £250
Scheduled Dates (Weekend) TBC - Currently Unavailable
Course Times 10:30am till 17:30pm

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Here are some testimonials from recent delegates on our stocks and shares course: 

“A very in-depth introduction to stocks, shares, financial investments. Great for beginners”.
Sharon – 8th March 2020


“The course gave me a clear understanding of the shares and stocks market. I particularly enjoyed the talk on tax and pension”.
Anonymous – 8th March 2020


“My time at Futuretrend has consistently been productive and helpful. Very reasonable prices with higher-then-average skilled teachers. Very much enjoy and appreciate my lessons here”.
Nur – 8th March 2020


“This was a really excellent course. My understanding of financial vocabulary and terms has significantly improved, and I have a much greater awareness of the investment options available to me. The teacher was really helpful and engaged and willing to answer all questions.
I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their financial awareness and as a starting point to improve their financial situation”.
Emma – 8th March 2020


"Excellent teaching, very clear and very knowledgable. it has made me hungry for more". Jason Cook

"Very interactive and explainary topics around discussion/exampl material". Ramesh

"We were looking to start investing in the stock market but needed advice on how to go about this and what to look out for. I can honestly say that this course really helped us make informed decisions". Sarah, Bedford 

"I totally recommend. I learnt so much about investments and the shares market in such a short time". Mohammed, Ilford 

We provide education and training regarding the stock market, but we do NOT advise on what specific stocks you should invest in or trades you should take. We will teach you about the stock market and placing trades and any examples used during the course are for educational purposes only.

Ultimately, it is your decision regarding what specific trades to place. Trading in shares is risky. Your capital is at risk. The value of your investments can go down as well as up. By enrolling you agree to exclude Futuretrend Training Centre against any liability for losses incurred.