Stocks, Shares and Investments Training Course FAQ's

First, You will be emailed the course notes for that session. Also, If you have access to a webcam then we can set up Skype, Vyew or Teamviewer; You can participate and follow the lesson from the comfort of your home/office. We recommend everyone tries to attend the classroom as there is so much more gained when you are able to ask questions directly or work on group exercises. As you can appreciate even though tutor will be willing to help those attending remotely conferencing technology is sometimes found to be wanting.

Just let us know when you book about any sessions you can't make and we'll see how we can cater for this.

Our students benefit by learning directly from the industry’s best sources & standards in terms of technology, regulatory environment, compliance, facilities, safety & security, innovation and features. You will trade with a “demo” account without risking actual money until you can demonstrate a track record of making successful trades. You will learn to trade on most widely used trading platforms and get comfortable with its use. We strictly do not recommend or favour any one particular broker; rather as a part of your course you will learn how best to pick a broker.
We are not financial advisors. Our job is to train, teach and inform you of strategies & techniques that will help you make this conscious decision on your own. Unlike other expensive courses out there, we feel it is wrong to make promises of high returns. This is usually just pie in the skies.

Most people start out their financial careers with only limited funds, and it is up to them to deploy those resources effectively in order to maximise the wealth they accumulate for themselves and their families. You might be surprised to learn that modest sized investment funds can put you at an advantage in generating market beating returns.
Beating the market isn't easy! Well that's what you may have heard from your fund manager. But with a little knowledge and the right set of training you can beat a fund manager and finally take control of your investment portfolio.

The markets we trade, when and how we trade are the same.  The only difference is the big time city trader usually manages a very large portfolio for a firm with a significantly large exposure to market. This creates very high risk to capital and marginal balance which can often lead to high losses.  
When these traders are collectively right, they win big time. The firms allow their traders to remain in this high stake risk ethos because markets are liquid and with liquidity come opportunities and capital not invested makes you nothing. Traders often say they're in the markets for the long term, thus they seldom bank their winning profits till the markets tank again.

The fact remains that everyone loses now and then - When you engage a professional trader the returns they promise may sometimes marginalise to zero or close enough and in some cases in loss. So why let someone else lose your money and still not have a credible answer when you demand for one? You will be given many excuses that, you will gladly accept because you have no knowledge at all how the stock market works.

If after the course you still want to engage a professional at least you will be a whole lot more educated on what to look for and what they are telling you about your investments.

Not at all. The Stocks & Share Trading Course at Futuretrend takes you from a beginner’s foundation level to a higher level of market trading competency.

Whether you are home based trader, vocational investor or part time trader looking to substitute or supplement your income by trading stocks, the Stocks & Share Trading Course at Futuretrend offers you the same methodology, technology, skills & ability of a professional city trader. Our professional trainers at Futuretrend coach and mentor you through your learning process so you can be comfortable to trade with the level of capital you want to invest and grow your portfolio. Your edge – start small & grow!  You trade your own account so your portfolio will get more attention from you round the clock, unlike what you would have got if your money was traded by your bank. The course teaches how to consistently make money with certain stocks when it’s the best time to buy or sell, sectors and cyclical.

Quite simply because we do not have the large overheads that some over companies have.
We are not passing on the premiums charged for hiring swanky West End and City training venues.
We do not spend thousands of pounds on expensive press, television and radio campaigns and do not employ a sales team. Additionally, some of our courses have funding available for periods of time, this means we can make further reduction to our course prices.

The initial free seminar is usually a way to lure you into more seminars or the main course where you will have to pay money. Usually in the thousands! it may also be an introduction to sell you some book, stock trading software program or reason to open an account at some brokerage where they will make money off your trading through them.

Unless the free seminar is put up by some non-profit charitable organization, You can be sure that the free seminar will be a way to sell you something. We are totally upfront. and do not play these tactics.

Our training is of the highest quality and our instructors have immense financial industry and stock market experience as evidenced by their profiles below:

Reza Seljwyk

Reza has over fourteen years experience of trading covering Shares, Indices and Foreign Exchange. He has traded over several time frames. He has also managed accounts for Private HNW clients for a number of years.

He now teaches techniques and knowledge required to successfully trade to achieve financial goals. This includes amongst other areas the theory and coaching in the real market.

He also has experience of other asset classes in investing including Commodities, Real Estate and Start-ups. Prior to this he had a successful IT career.

Munawar Malik

Munawar holds a master’s degree in applied Mathematics, CeMAP CeFA and DipFA qualifications from the London Institute for Banking and Finance. With years of working within the financial sector he’s gained vast knowledge and experience in various disciplines and combines his practical experience with the theoretical aspect of the course to simplify teaching and ensure students stay engaged.
When teaching students his approach is to use presentations, group discussions, brain storming sessions, individual exercises, case studies and demonstrations. He has also taken time to complete PTLLS-Qualification to enhance his teaching style and techniques.

We provide education and training regarding the stock market, but we do NOT advise on what specific stocks you should invest in or trades you should take. We will teach you about the stock market and placing trades and any examples used during the course are for educational purposes only.

Ultimately, it is your decision regarding what specific trades to place. Trading in shares is risky. Your capital is at risk. The value of your investments can go down as well as up. By enroling you agree to indemnify Futuretrend Training Centre against any liability for losses incurred.

1) Via Phone: You can call our team on 020 8443 2888 with your credit/debit card and we can register you straight away.

2) Online: You can pay via PayPal on selected courses. This can be found at the bottom of the course page.

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Of course! Feel free to call our friendly course advisors on 020 8443 2888. Alternatively, submit your details via our enquiry form and we will contact you.

The price you are quoted is the price you pay with no hidden fees along the way.

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