Travel to Enfield for Training!?

Due to the recent riots in London, Enfield has been in the public eye for all the wrong reasons. Futuretrend is a training provider which has been based in Enfield for over 10 years & we would like to remind people why it’s not that bad to come to Enfield for that training course that will advance you in your career.

Enfield boasts a newly refurbished town centre as its focal point, which features a new shopping centre called Palace Gardens; .

Futuretrend’s training centre is located on the edge of Enfield town, so all our students have an interesting place to visit during their lunch break. Being a part of greater London has it own benefits, one being that Enfield is away from the hustle & bustle you get in the city & the other being that Enfield is exempt from the congestion charge & has free parking available on its streets.

Futuretrends training centre is easily accessible to all. For those who drive we are a few minutes away from the A10 , A406 & M25  and as for those using public transport we are a 5 minute walk away from Enfield Town train station. There are also various buses which stop near our training centre.

Taking the train from the city/central london? Easily hop on a train from Liverpool street that brings you right into Enfield Town (roughly 25 – 30 mins). Hey, if you are a cemap, cefa or dipfa student it’s a great time to go through your revision note books too!

For those who travel from a distance there is a number of local hotels & B&B’s;

So why not give Enfield a try with Futuretrend.

Advance your knowledge > Enhance your potential

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