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IFS DipFA Coursework (Due 01/03/13)

IFS DipFA Coursework (Due 01/03/13)

Some pointers…

The Coursework due for the beginning of March has taken a topical regulatory issue from the last couple of years, that is, the assessment of risk that involved in saving and investing, and the assessment of the level of risk a client is able or chooses to take.

As such, there is actually a wide range of material out there for enterprising students to discover and read.  This is an important area for any existing or aspiring Investment Adviser, and thus the IFS have provided students with a highly relevant topic for this submission.

This blog summarises some of the key background research students will need to consider for this Coursework, and some pointers about specific parts of the IFS DipFA Study Folders that students may find useful to review and refresh themselves of in addition to other study – this blog is not a comprehensive guide to the Coursework but should get you started.

In preparation for one of our courses, some specific areas to consider for further study are;

  • Investments Topic 7 on Risk
  • Investment Topic 13 on Assessing Performance
  • Investments Topic 14 on Advice


Additionally, the FSA have issued guidance on this subject in the last couple of years and students would do well to be aware of the Regulators thinking in this area.


This is most definitely not a comprehensive list, and of course don’t forget, the Coursework submitted must be a comprehensive and concise piece of work that fully covers this area.  There are also the three additional questions to cover.

Further support can be found by booking attendance at one of Futuretrend’s DipFA courses, or on the remote support option.

Paul Davis, Dip. PFS, Futuretrend Tutor.