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Advanced Sage Line 50 Training

This training course takes participants into advanced use of Sage Line 50, including subjects such as budgets, quotes, proforma invoices, currencies, batch payments and the audit trail. It is a very 'hands-on' course : delegates will use the package to carry out tasks, and will acquire practical experience as well as an enhanced knowledge of Sage Line 50 and the accounting principles behind it.

All Accounts staff who need to learn how to use advanced features of Sage Line 50. Note: Participants should be competent in operating a PC, with a solid working knowledge of the package.

Course outline

Importing Data
  • Preparing data for importing
  • Importing customer records 
Setting up Departments
  • Why use departments?
  • Setting up departments 
Setting Budgets
  • Budgets
  • Entering nominal code budget details
  • Advanced budgeting method
  • Setting your budget by department
  • Checking the departmental budgets
  • Using one year’s actuals for the next year’s budget 
Setting up Discounts
  • Customer discounts
  • Discount by invoice value
  • Discount by product quantity
  • Applying a customer discount
  • Settlement discounts
  • Discounts by invoice item line
  • Net value discounts
  • Product discount scheme descriptions 
  • About quotations and converting quotations
  • Creating a product quotation
  • Creating a service quote
  • Printing quotations 
Converting Quotations
  • Winning and losing quotations
  • Winning a quotation
  • Losing a quote
  • Retrieving a lost quotation and winning it 
Pro-forma Invoices
  • Creating a pro-forma invoice
  • Processing the payment on account
  • Creating the invoice 
The Euro & Other Foreign Currencies
  • The euro
  • Setting up the Foreign Trader option
  • Setting up the currency table
  • Foreign currency bank accounts 
Invoicing in Euros
  • Creating a sales invoice with a euro total
  • Adding a euro sales invoice 
Receiving Payments in Euros
  • Updating the currency table
  • Receiving euro payments
  • How Sage 50 Accounts Professional has dealt with the exchange rate variance 
Paying Foreign Currency Invoices
  • Entering supplier invoices
  • Paying foreign currency invoices
  • Checking the supplier activity for exchange rate variance 
Contra Entries
  • What is a contra entry?
  • Entering the purchase invoices for the customer/supplier
  • Entering contra entries 
Batch Payments
  • Entering the supplier invoices
  • Entering batch purchase payments
  • Printing cheques 
Changing Posted Records
  • Adding incorrect payments
  • Checking the audit trail
  • Using journal reversals
  • File maintenance
  • Checking the petty cash account 
Batch Changes & Global Changes
  • What are batch changes?
  • What are global changes?
  • Changing specific records 
The Opening and Closing Stock Wizard
  • Calculating the cost of sales
  • Using the Opening and Closing Stock Wizard 
Analysing Budgets & Departments
  • Analysing the budget
  • Analysing department sales & expenditure 
The Audit Trail
  • What is the audit trail?
  • Viewing the audit trail
  • Printing the audit trail report
  • Clearing the audit trail 
Report Designer Basic Skills
  • About reports and layouts
  • Using the Report Designer
  • Basic skills
  • Customising a customer letter
  • Tooltips and selecting objects 
Report Designer More Skills
  • Opening an invoice form for editing
  • Customising the invoice
  • Using the customised invoice 
The Sage Report Wizard
  • Creating a new report
  • Changing the page setup
  • Saving the telephone list report
  • Accessing the new report
  • Deleting a report 
Project Costing
  • What is project costing?
  • Setting up project costing
  • Using project costing
  • Analysing the project
  • Project enquiry
  • Project credits
  • Raising the sales invoice
  • Completing the project
  • Project reports 
Setting Passwords & Access Rights
  • Setting password access to Sage
  • Setting a company password
  • Setting up individual password protection 

NOTE: Content may vary slightly between versions (eg V10, V11, etc) or applications (Accountant, Accountant Plus, Financial Controller).

Class time is 10:00 a.m.- 4:30/5:00 p.m. Breaks are scheduled throughout the day and lunch is typically scheduled between 1-2 pm. We provide you with Tea, Coffee, Biscuits and other refreshments on the house. We also have a fridge and a microwave available for you to store/warm up any food you wish to bring along for your lunch.

Course Duration 1 Day
Course Price £249+VAT
Scheduled Dates Please call us on 02084432888 to arrange dates
Course Times 10:00 till 16:00


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