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Day Trading Forex, Stocks & Commodities Training... Learn how to trade like a professional!

The Day Trading Forex, Stocks & Commodities Training Course is created by our professional trader with a focus on how Forex and Commodities markets work and the trading psychology behind them. It is a no frills, bare bones, learning programme that to date has helped many traders improve their trading results and generated profits for people who are completely new to trading.

This Forex Training programme is a must for anyone who has little or no experience in online financial trading and wants to trade in Forex. It is simple, effective and very much ensures your entry in the world of online trading is a success story.

There are no age or race barriers towards learning new skills. Our ‘past trainees’ include:

  • Accountants, Doctors, financiers, consultants, advisors, lawyers, bankers, civil servants administrators/managers, tradesmen (Builders,Plumbers, Electricians), Cab drivers
  • People looking for home based professional work that would earn them a comfortable income
  • Fresh out of the school and university graduates wanting to add real ‘job skills’ to their exam or degree results.
  • Investors looking to protect or diversify their portfolios.
  • People returning to work after having a new family member or after some illness – Looking to either brush up rusty skills or as a basis for starting a completely new career/skill.
  • People looking to retire early and yet still earning by only working few hours a day.
  • Individuals who are stuck in a dead end job wanting to get out and in with something lucrative and worthwhile
  • People wanting to learn something new that only 5% of the world’s population does for a living.



Delegates will learn beginners to advanced techniques, insights and trading methodology of Forex and Commodities markets. Including:

  • Intro to Basics & background of OTC (over the counter) market derivatives
  • Methods and mindset of a CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) floor trader revealed
  • In depth analysis of support and resistance concepts
  • Full disclosure of the exact methods professional traders use to maintain consistent profitability
  • A new and useful way to think about the markets and how they function
  • Thorough examination of price action and volume principles and back testing different pairs
  • Meticulous investigation of Institutional Trader's Psychology and subsequent behaviour
  • Framework of individual trader psychology, how to manage it, and why this is key
  • Reading Charts and charting patterns
  • Money management proficiency and position sizing designs
  • The Fundamentals of Trading
  • How to find opportunities in Play
  • How to Review your Trading
  • Trade Execution
  • Risk Management
  • Psychology of Trading

Course Outline

Day 1

  1. Introduction to Forex Trading
  2. Forex trading full time vs part-time
  3. Best practice developing Forex trading skill   
  4. Market cycles, Market structure, Trading platforms 
  5. Fundamental & Technical analysis
  6. Indicator based technical trading, when and how to use indicators  

Day 2

  1. Fibonacci analysis
  2. Price action trading with trend lines, support and resistance, chart patterns and candlesticks
  3. Putting it all together, combining price action, Fibonacci and supply/demand zones 
  4. Risk management, position sizing 

Day 3

  1. Introduction to the online trading floor
  2. Price action & Momentum trading
  3. Using live trade analysis and price alerts.
  4. Trading psychology and risk management.
  5. Portfolio development and trading with investors funds.

Forex Trading Live Coaching & Training 

1-month LIVE coaching through the online trading floor including advance training material and see how professional traders analyse Forex market in real-time and trade every day.  

After a month the Online Trading Floor subscription fee is £79 per month instead of £199 special offer to our students.  (50% fee to Futuretrend and Futuretrend will charge a monthly subscription fee, the online trading floor URL will be https://forex.futuretrend.co.uk ).


Our trading course will help delegates to:

  • Profit in an up or down market.
  • Trade successfully and safely in 24 hour market.
  • Trade mechanically without emotions being involved.
  • Earn extra streams of income from trading. Sometimes by doing so only couple of hours a day.
  • Start trading with an investment as little £100 and/or up to thousands of pounds as you wish.
  • Earn anything from £50 up to £1000’s a week based on your level of investment.
  • Trade for a living.

Delegates will will also be added to our trainers signal group for free lifetime membership and he will keep in contact with them through out their trading journey.



Class times: Sat 1.30 pm - 5:30 p.m. Followed by the practical sessions on Monday and Tuesday 6.30pm - 9.30pm
We provide you with Tea, Coffee, Biscuits and other refreshments on the house. We also have a fridge and a microwave available for you to store/warm up any food you wish to bring along for your Lunch/Dinner.

Course Duration 3 days + 1-month LIVE coaching through the online trading floor
Course Price £899
early bird special offer - for limited time only 
Offer Price £750
Scheduled Dates TBC
Course Times TBC

You can offer the same course for online training and the price will be £699 and we will use Zoom for online training.

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