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The Gift of Love

People come into our lives for a moment, a season, a decade, or sometimes for a whole lifetime.
Yet somehow, it seems as though Angels are always there for us, as our guides, steering us along our journey, making sure that we all reach our full potential - bringing us gifts in the form of enlightenment

There are now numerous true stories that lay before us of Angel visitations, laid out like warm safety nets, lovingly gift wrapped to protect us and comfort us in times of hardship. Moments of deep sorrow can transport you into a new realm of understanding and forgiveness, a place to transform yourself through despair and find the crystal clear waters of tranquillity.
All we are saying is give love a chance.

CHARITY: CHILDREN'S WISH. For every Pocket Angel sold, a proportion of the proceeds will be donated to fulfilling the wishes of children suffering from a life threatening or terminal illness. I can't add days to their lives, but I can add life to their days.

Message from Gaynor: x
You are all wished joy, peace, enlightenment, contentment, happiness, health, light, world peace and an abundance of love always. Keep on wishing for your most treasured destiny.


MAIL ORDER: Send a cheque or postal order for £1.99 made out to:
Gaynor Wilkinson,
3, Savoylands Close,
Aigburth, Liverpool,
L17 5BR
Tel/Fax: 0151-726-8882
Mobile: 07831-689748
e.mail: gaynorhighspirit1@hotmail.com
(Either send self add env with 1st class stamp) or add post to cheque.
If you would like to become a distributor please contact us for more information on retail prices.

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