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'Today is a gift, that's why it's called the present'.

I received my first Angel from my friend Gaynor. She was handing them out left right and centre as a mark of her own personal place that she had found. You don't have to be of any religious persuasion to appreciate the tangible comfort of your pocket angel - I just popped it into my wallet along with my other special mementoes and now carry it wherever I go. It reminds me that we are all Angels of a kind, wending our way through the journey of life. Give an Angel to a friend or loved one and see the joy this simple token of love can bring - it could seal a friendship for life. Because after all's said and done, an idea is a thought with wings! So spread your wings and fly away home. It's all plain sailing from here shipmates.
-Nick Heyward

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£1.99 each;
(The Angel coin comes complete with a card and poem.)
The crystal diamond cut stone attached in the hands of the Angel, is made by Crowns & Regalia the same people who make the replica CROWN JEWELS.

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Other products by Gaynor Wilkinson on Natural Nail Care and Eyesential:


With great thanks to the following for their kind help:
Nick Heyward - foreword/poems & drawings.
For more information on Nick and his music contact:
www.nickandindia.com and www.pollynation.com

Frank Campbell/USA for Angel Prayer.
Marianne Sweeney/Crowns Regalia

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