DigiTrain - Cofunded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union
The Partnership

The Partnership

The DigiTrain Partnership is made up of 6 partner organisations across 5 countries specialising in education that have come together in an Erasmus + strategic partnership to collaborate in supporting the promotion and delivery of digital skills training

Futuretrend (UK) provides training in IT, Design, Financial and Business Skills and focuses on helping clients advance their skills for either business or personal success. Training includes popular courses such as Photoshop, WordPress, Software Testing, Business Analysis, Stocks, and Shares & Investments Training.



Futuro Digitale Association (Italy) is a non-profit organisation.  It caters for local community needs such as unemployment and/or basic skills, targeting disadvantaged and marginalised groups such as migrants and members of minority groups. It works to promote empowerment through development connected to e-learning, traineeship and personalised patterns of working. It is also a job agency validated by the Ministry of Labour, and helps target groups to write and boost their CVs and orienteer their careers through non-formal learning tools.



Eurosuccess Consulting (Cyprus) is a Consulting & Training organisation in the field of project management; training & consulting services; and advice and guidance. The organisation provides a comprehensive package of services addressing the needs of various target groups and organisations with regards to their lifelong learning opportunities, in Cyprus and abroad.



Action Synergy S.A. (Greece) is an education, training and knowledge-based applications organization involved in the development of education technologies, training methodologies and the development of e-learning training courses .It has a particular focus on the promotion of adult education and the acquisition of transversal skills for young people and adults. Key areas of expertise include: the development of learning methodologies, educational technologies courses and modules making use of innovative methodologies.



GO EUROPE (Spain) Intercultural Association aims to promote an international spirit aligned with the common European cultural objectives through intercultural dialogue, exchange of knowledge and European awareness through the active participation of young people, organisations and companies, in projects involving mobility, education and growth.



Global Learning & Skills Partnership, (UK) (GLaSP) is a non-profit training and research organisation that promotes training and development to adults and young people, especially those that are disadvantaged or socially excluded. The organisation delivers training and workshops in employability skills, job search skills, personal finance, functional life skills, Digital Skills & ICT, the global dimension, intercultural learning & communication, health awareness and entrepreneurship.



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About DigiTrain
The aim of the project is to enable training organisations to deliver relevant digital skills training by improving staff competence and formulating digital competency frameworks.
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DigiTrain Framework
Two Frameworks has been created towards improving staff competence and formulating digital competency to be used as the basis for developing appropriate digital training programmes.
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Teaching Resources
To help support educators in the use of the digital competency frameworks, a selection of resources have been created for guidance including lesson plans, teaching aids and assessments.


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DigiTrain is Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union