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About DigiTrain

Background of Project

The project was developed against a background of rapid digital transformation of the economy in which most jobs now require some level of digital as well as transversal skills. Moreover, the use of digital technology in our private lives for leisure purposes, entertainment and communication with other individuals has shown a dramatic increase. In the work place, these technologies have spread so rapidly that an estimated 90% of all available jobs require at least a basic level of digital skills. Almost half the EU population lack basic digital skills with 20% having none at all.



Aims and Objectives

The aim of the project is to build capacity of training organisations to enable them to deliver high quality and relevant digital skills training by improving staff competence and formulating digital competency frameworks to be used as the basis for developing appropriate digital training programmes, learning resources and tools.



Key Objectives

1 Formulate a digital competence framework for (a) adult educators and (b) adults
2 Design and pilot a modular “Train the Trainer’ course for adult educators, and a Digital Skills course for disadvantaged adults
3 Develop teaching and learning resources to deliver blended digital skills training to adult educators and adults
4 Improve adult educators’ knowledge of digital learning technology tools, platforms, and skills in using them
5 Produce guidance for adult educators on strategies, tools and approaches for promoting and delivering digital skills training
6 Improve the intercultural competence of participants



Project Activities:

Intellectual Outputs
bullet point Digital Competence Framework for Adults
bullet point Course in Digital Skills for (a) Adults and (b) Adult Educators
bullet point Teaching and Learning Resources for Blended learning
bullet point Handbook for Adult Educators


A 5-day joint staff-training event to improve adult educators’ competence in digital skills and methods and techniques of non-formal learning.

Dissemination Conference

A dissemination conference to he held in each partner country

All outputs will be available for downloading from the project and partners’ websites completely free  and used without ny restrictions.


Partnership Icon
The Partnership
The DigiTrain Partnership is made up of 6 partner companies across 5 countries specialising in education that have come together under Erasmus+ to collobarate in supporting educators in digital cimpetencys.
Framework Icon
DigiTrain Framework
Two Frameworks has been created towards improving staff competence and formulating digital competency to be used as the basis for developing appropriate digital training programmes.
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Teaching Resources
To help support educators in the use of the digital competency frameworks, a selection of resources have been created for guidance including lesson plans, teaching aids and assessments.


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DigiTrain is Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union