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The UK Stock Market this week (for those learning about stocks and shares)

The FTSE was slightly down yesterday, closing at 7338.99 (-0.15%)

The west’s leading economic think-tank (OECD) has raised its outlook for the UK this year. The pairs based organisation has predicted the UK economy will grow by 1.6% this year. The forecast has increased from the 1.2% predicted in November 2016. The increase growth percentage is a positive for the Share Market
Research has shown that the most successful investors are those that invest for the long term. Not everybody is going to be like Warren Buffet – the world’s greatest investor; a leaf that should be taken out of his book is that he is a long-term investor.
As we know, we have traders and investors, and I believe a person’s temperament would determine if a person would be an investor or trader or even both.
For people that don’t like to be stressed out, trading should be something that they think about twice . I don’t think trading is the best route for creative people, I would say medium to long term investing, is a better option.
The reason is simple, stress dissipates energy, and energy is needed to be creative. A long term investor would follow the market, research on opportunities and take action, such an individual, would have a long-term mind-set when picking opportunities and making decisions.
Talking about long-term investments, I saw some interesting news today about a company called Just Eat, it’s on the FSTE 250 index, and it is the second best performer, it is currently trading at 545.50 pence up by 5%.
Just Eat are online takeaway delivery, and as we all know, food is something that people can’t do without,  This factor alone could indicate that it could have good long-term prospects. Obviously, other factors have to must be taken into consideration such as competition, but looking at it logically, it should be on people watch list.

It’s pre-tax profit in 2016, more than double by 163.8%, from £34.6 million in 2015 to £ 91.3 million in 2016. Just Eat are based in the UK, and also have an international market, and there is strong growth in both markets.

So do your research, – fundamental analysis, have a look at the appropriate ratios such as Net profit margins, Price to book value, Long-term debt ratio, etc., Then have a look at the Charts to guide you in the right timing in stepping into the market if you so desire. Try to be patient if the stock/share trading in an old bought territory.

Also in the Financial news is General Motors Europe makers of Vauxhall and Opel are being sold to the company that owns Peugeot and Citroen, for £1.9bn.
Vauxhall and Opel have not made a profit since 1999, so it makes sense in a way, that what they have been doing is not working, and they have finally come to that realisation.
Let’s hope that current employees wouldn’t lose out on this new takeover. Peugeot’s chief executive Carlos Tavares has promised not to shut any Opel and Vauxhall plants after the brand’s acquisition.

Until Next time, keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving

Peace Daniel

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The US and the UK Financial Market have both started on a positive note. However, there are a lot trumpstocksof factors to take into consideration, such as BREXIT and the President elect Trump presidency.  What happens in America will have an impact on the UK’s Financial Market. So far so good, the Market seems to be positive about the new President.  Everybody is waiting, for Trump to take office and see how his policies will affect the Market.

We have started to see a little bit of what his plans are for job creation – lowering taxes for corporations, and bringing American jobs back home. So from a business point of view, it looks potentially good.

Some uncertainty with BREXIT, but it all seems to be priced into the Market, we have a similar stance with President elect Donald Trump, which is placing the country first, and that’s why the people voted out of the EU, and the Americans on other hand, voted Trump because he has promised “to make America great again”.

Prime Minister Theresa May is meeting with President elect Trump in spring, which is good, because coming out of the EU, which Donald Trump himself was in favour of, we now have to build and improve relations with our number one ally, in ways that will benefit both countries and as a result, this will give a positive outlook to the Financial Market.

As the world at large is  counting down the days for the inauguration of President elect Trump, and most people like me are wondering what the world will be like as Donald Trump takes office of the most powerful country on earth, which would obviously make him the most powerful man on earth.

Donald Trump has picked top wealthy businessman as his economic advisers, most fall in the category of the Billionaires club, the “know how” that made them personally successful, could now  possibly, help America as a country, and they may have the Answers to their  trade deficit, National debt  ( 14 Trillion), and other economic issues.

Some of his wealthy Advisers are:

Carl Ichan who will be the special adviser on Regulatory Reforms. He is aged 80 years, he has a conglomerate holding company in New York and he is the majority shareholder.  He started out as a stockbroker on Wall Street in the early 1960s and started his own firm in the late 1960s. His firm (Securities) focused on risk arbitrage and option trading.
Harold Hamm, self–made oil billionaire,
Dan DiMicco, a former chief executive of steelmaker Nucor;
Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s national finance director, who is chairman and chief executive of the hedge fund Dune Capital Management;
Steve Roth, founder and chief executive of Vornado Realty Trust;
John Paulson Hedge fund billionaire ;
Howard Lorber, chief executive of the Vector Group;
Tom Barrack Real estate investor ;

To reiterate, Donald Trump has so far brought a positive vibe to the Financial Market both here in the UK and the US, and we here at Futuretrend Training Academy wish him the very best as the 45th  President of the United States of America.

We offer monthly classes on Stocks, Shares and investments for beginners and advance classes.  To learn how to start investing in the market or take control of your financial destiny enroll on one of our courses or  read more about our stock market training hereshares_training_ad

Daniel Joseph MBA
see Daniel’s Bio here

Futuretrend Training Academy
Financial Training Department.