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New Work Experience and Mentoring Project for Business Analysts and Software Testers

We are currently rounding up our Project which started  in November. This project covered the building of  a software application for a client who is a health/protein food (raw material) manufacturer. The raw material  is sold to companies where it undergoes processing and dilution.  The software application would cater to the needs of the client’s employees who work in the areas of manufacturing, merchandising, logistics and others.. It was quite demanding for the Business Analysts and Software Testers who had to utilise their skills to the fullest as it was a complex application. The students  and their Project Manager (Chetan) have worked very hard on this and  a lot has been learnt. We’re now looking forward to a new project which will kick off on February 6th 2017.

Project Charter

The new project  involves building an e-commerce platform where Corporates, Individuals, and families can interact digitally with Professional & certified Interior designers to create custom concepts with a view to obtaining bespoke design solutions for their home or office. The Project also includes the build of an a module which will include assigning of Designers, sharing concepts, User interaction, choosing designer packages etc

There is huge scope for the BA/QAs to develop  a wide range of skills being involved in a project like this.

We are now taking registrations from aspiring Business Analysts and Quality Assurance Analysts for this programme. If you want to be part of this exciting team please sign up before January 31st 2017.

For more details of what our work experience and mentoring program involves please visit  our dedicated web page for this here:

Update on our BA & QA Work Experience Projects

The current project is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software application for a company that deals with fashion & lifestyle products.
The application is needed for teams in the company that manage multiple consumer brand portfolios consisting of different products that are sold globally. The application includes bespoke requirements for the company itself and would be usable only by designated employees. These employees have been using a spreadsheet for a long time and want this target application to replace the spreadsheet and also do much more than what the spreadsheet does.

Business Analyst Training

Business analyst and software testers work experience

The application is divided into multiple modules – Administrator module, where the Admin creates User profiles, Brand profiles, assigns permissions and restrictions to users based on their roles.
Actionlist Module-  This is where the business activities related to marketing, advertising & promotion are handled by the users.
Reports module- This module deals with generation of reports of various types that display the information in the form of graphs/charts to the users.
In this project, the trainee Business Analysts have accomplished end to end tasks of a BA- from Analysis to Sign-off of the documents.

The tasks they have worked and completed are:

– Elicit & analyze project requirements

– Facilitate Client meetings & interactions

– Interview and clarify project expectations with the client

– Create Product backlog

– Define Business Requirements and create Business Requirements Documents

– Define Scope of the project

– Create Functional Requirements Document (FRD)

– Create Use Case Model based on users and functions identified

– Design Process flow for the project

– Create elaborate Use Cases & User stories

– Design Wire frames/mock-ups

– Get the documents/artifacts reviewed by Client

– Update documents based on Client’s inputs

– Understand the Testing process and create Test cases

– Get all project requirements frozen and BA documents signed  off by the Client.

QA’s Quality Assurance analysts
were involved in

Test Planning,
Test Scripting,
Test Execution,
Defect Reporting and Tracking
Test Result and Completion reporting etc.
There is a new project in the pipeline and is expected to kick-off in mid June. It deals with the trading and auctioning of seafood and aquatic products in the international market. This project would actually demand the Business Analysts and Software Testers involved to exhibit their skills to the fullest as it is a complex application. Those who are familiar with subjects like trading, e-commerce, auctions will find it quite interesting and those that aren’t will be gaining valuable experience in a new domain.

For more details of what our work experience and mentoring program involves please visit  our dedicated web page for this here:

New Work Experience and Mentoring Project for Business Analysts and Software Testers

This will be an ERP Project  – Enterprise Resource Planning tool for marketing & tracking consumers commencing 21.3.2016

The project is about developing an application that will be used by Marketing, R&D and Advertising personnel within a reputed designer/lifestyle company.Management-Banner
Designated employees of different departments, i.e. marketing, brand managers etc would use the application to track activities of users around the world.

We are now taking registrations from aspiring Business Analysts and Software testers for this programme. If you want to be part of this exciting team please sign up before March 20th 2016.

For more details of what our work experience and mentoring program involves please visit  our dedicated web page for this here:

It’s been quite a while!

Yes. It’s been a while since our last blog.
This always happens at this time of the year.
The new academic year means new syllabuses.
New courses added to the portfolio.
New material to be written.
New trainers to induct.
And so we have had our hands completely full.
Pressure is beginning to ease so you can expect that normal blogging duty will resume soon.

New things to look out for…

CeMAP 2012/13 Academic year material now completed. So for those looking to do CeMAP distance learning can rest assured we will only be sending them current material.

DipFA Coursework and FactFind Training has been going very well. We’ve been closely monitoring the success rates of our students and can only recollect a few that have not passed! We have our new tutor , Paul, to thank for that! He really cares about the students and provides them with a lot of aftercare support. The rave reviews he has been getting are extremely well deserved.

Stocks, Shares and Investments courses and our Day Trading Forex programme has been running smoothly under the management of Umar. He has brought a very practical slant to the courses and his post course mentoring is just first class. It’s no wonder people are queueing up to join his classes.

We’ve also been working hard on a Business Analysis course which is scheduled to kick off October 28th. For this we have recruited the services of a very senior Business Analyst at Amazon. We get so many Software Testing Analysts looking for a career progression route…and for most – this is it!

Our Software Testing Essentials course has had some new additions to it. We’ve added an extra day on to the course thereby incorporating Test automation into the programme.

We now have beginners to advanced WordPress courses ranging from the basics (using WordPress.com) to intermediate and advanced levels using wordpress.org and all the benefits of flexibility to looking at how to build your own themes and understanding the php code that allows you to customise your wordpress site even more.

We are also trialling the ACA qualification for those looking to gain Adobe accreditation in either Photoshop or Dreamweaver.
A goal for the Adobe Certified Associate certification is to address the real world, entry-level skill expectations for web communication, rich media communication, and visual communication.

This certification is a credential that validates entry-level skills needed to plan, design, build, and maintain effective communications by using different forms of digital media.

The qualification is open to anyone who takes our Adobe Photoshop Next Step Course and Adobe Dreamweaver Next Step course.

So as you can see there’s lot’s to look forward to at Futuretrend this academic year.

3 things you need to do to clinch your first Software Testing job

How many bugs have you found today?

How many bugs have you found today?

A software test analyst reviews software functionality and documents the testing of that software.  Essentialy, a tester will read through specifications of an application and create test conditions to check that it works as specified.
As no particular programming knowledge is required there are very few barriers to entry and  therefore it has become a very competitive field. In 2012, landing a job as a software tester will require you to completely stand-out amongst other applicants. By following a few practical tips, you can easily get that interview you need to move you to next base.



Software Testing isn't for dummies

Software Testing isn't for dummies

One of the first things you need to focus on is your CV, as this is your advertising medium. It is your opportunity to demonstrate your capability as the best person for the job. Moreso, you need to prove that you understand what an employer is looking for. Your services as a Software Tester are an essential element to a company’s reputation and as such they need to know how reliable, responsible and serious you are.

So firstly, don’t just go and copy any old bog-standard CV template that you find. Many of them are really appalling! Your formatting is very important here so be certain to use nothing less than 11 pt and either Arial or Sans-serif font.
Secondly, always include a covering letter. I cannot stress how important this is. Here you can focus on what the employer wants and prepare a list of your skills that matches that job requirement. Highlight these skills within your CV. State your objectives clearly but keep it all short, only one to two sentences. Be sure that any skills you have in software testing are emphasised. Avoid writing your life story and irrelevant interests in your CV. I once read on a CV sent to me “I have a dog called Muggles and just as parents love children and children love parents, I love my dog and my dog loves me” Seriously? If you are applying for a dog-walking position fine but on what planet would this be of interest to anyone in IT?

I could write a whole book on CV do’s and don’ts but this isn’t the forum for that. My final point on the matter is don’t turn yourself into a bullet-point Billy or Belinda (every one does that!) I really want to read your timeline as a tester; don’t just tell me what you did, tell me why you did it and what the result was.

 Get Experience

Ensure software does what it says on the tin

If you don’t have relevant software testing experience, then get some by all means possible. This is invaluable; so try amd get some specific practical training working on dummy or real live projects. There are many of these available on the Internet. Look for software programs like inventory management software to work on. Download the software and documentation and follow the testing process. Get your work evaluated by other software testing professionals.

If you require a training course to hone your skills then ensure that you will be working on practical exercises just as you would if you were at work. Better still if you can find an internship/work experience scenario Even if’s unpaid take it! Some people will give their left arm for the opportunity!


OK I’ve left this last deliberately –  that’s because it’s the least important of the three
(imho). Employers these days will not even consider applicants that only have a theoretical overview ISQTB qualified or not. As laudable as that may be (becoming certified), what they will need you to demonstrate is knowledge of real world Testing scenarios and solutions.
So why become certified ? To understand testing methodologies and processes. More importantly, to get your nose past the glorified gate keepers aka recruitment consultants. Yes, those agencies will throw in the kitchen sink along with all sorts of qualifications and skills that they deem to be essential for you to have before applying to their testing role. Most of them really don’t have a clue as to what their client is looking for but are continuously regurgitating the same old job template they’ve been using for the last 5 years.
So get your certification by all means but don’t rest on that as the other two are far more important. Good luck !
Femi Lana is the Managing Director of Futuretrend Technologies Ltd who run training courses  for aspiring software testers via CareerTesters.com