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Advancing Your Career as a Mortgage Advisor: The Power of CeMAP Qualification Amid Rising Interest Rates


In these challenging times of rising interest rates, the mortgage industry demands expertise and resilience from professionals. As a mortgage advisor, equipping yourself with the CeMAP qualification can prove to be a game-changer for your career. In this blog, we will explore how obtaining the CeMAP qualification can empower you to navigate the complexities of rising interest rates and excel in your role as a mortgage advisor.

1. Comprehensive Knowledge and Understanding:

Obtaining the CeMAP qualification provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the mortgage market, regulations, and lending practices. This knowledge equips you to navigate the intricacies of rising interest rates and effectively advise clients on the best mortgage options available. With a solid foundation in mortgage-related subjects, you become a trusted expert in the field and gain a competitive advantage over non-qualified advisors.

2. Building Trust and Credibility:

In uncertain times, clients seek guidance from knowledgeable professionals they can trust. By obtaining the CeMAP qualification, you demonstrate your commitment to excellence and your dedication to staying updated with industry standards. Clients will have confidence in your abilities, knowing that you possess the necessary skills and knowledge to guide them through the challenges of rising interest rates. This helps you build strong relationships and establishes you as a credible advisor in their eyes.

3. Ability to Adapt and Provide Tailored Solutions:

As interest rates rise, mortgage products and borrower preferences evolve. With a CeMAP qualification, you are equipped to adapt to these changes swiftly. You understand the impact of rising interest rates on different mortgage types and can provide tailored solutions to clients. Whether it’s helping clients refinance their existing mortgages or guiding them towards fixed-rate products to mitigate future interest rate increases, your expertise becomes invaluable during these difficult times.

4. Expanding Your Professional Network:

Acquiring the CeMAP qualification opens doors to networking opportunities within the mortgage industry. Engage with other CeMAP qualified professionals, industry associations, and forums where you can exchange knowledge, stay updated on market trends, and collaborate on best practices. Building a strong professional network enhances your visibility, creates referral opportunities, and keeps you at the forefront of industry developments.

5. Advancement Opportunities and Career Growth:

With the CeMAP qualification under your belt, you position yourself for career advancement in the mortgage advisory field. Lenders, financial institutions, and brokerage firms recognize the value of CeMAP qualified advisors, and many prefer to hire professionals with this qualification. The advanced knowledge and expertise gained through Futuretrend’s CeMAP course can lead to higher job prospects, increased earning potential, and the potential to take on leadership roles within the industry.

6. Continuous Professional Development:

Obtaining the CeMAP qualification is not just a one-time achievement but a stepping stone in your journey of professional growth. It demonstrates your commitment to ongoing education and continuous professional development. Stay updated with industry changes, regulatory updates, and market trends even after acquiring the qualification. Pursue additional certifications Such as CeRER and attend relevant workshops or seminars to further enhance your expertise and stay ahead of the curve. A commitment to lifelong learning will set you apart from the competition.


In a challenging market with rising interest rates, the CeMAP qualification stands as a beacon of professional excellence for mortgage advisors. The knowledge, credibility, and adaptability gained through this qualification empower you to thrive in difficult times and provide exceptional service to your clients. By investing in your professional growth and acquiring the CeMAP qualification, you position yourself as a sought-after mortgage advisor, capable of navigating the complexities of rising interest rates and guiding clients towards optimal mortgage solutions.

Calling all CeMAP qualified students…The Money Hub is hiring!

Recruitment drive is on at one of our Mortgage industry contacts.
Please see details and how to make contact below:

If you are seeking a new challenge we have a brilliant opportunity for fully qualified CeMap advisers to join our thriving mortgage brokers working from our offices in Hadleigh, Essex.

The Money Hub is Directly Authorised and we offer our clients a full range of products including mortgages, loans, insurance, bridging and commercial finance. As a Cemap qualified Adviser with The Moneyhub you’ll be able to develop your career and enjoy the benefits of working under a successful organisation that provides the support necessary to help you achieve success.

We will provide you with:

  • Pre screened qualified leads from our own website
  • Excellent in-depth training and ongoing compliance support
  • A generous commission split with a high level of uncapped earnings
  • Administration support
  • Access to CRM & sourcing systems

A successful candidate must:

  • Be pro-active, driven and hard working
  • Be outgoing and able to create a good rapport with clients
  • Be professional and knowledgeable
  • Adhere to the company and industry compliance standards
  • Be able to call clients who require assistance sometimes in the evenings and weekends

This is mainly a telephone based role although if you wish to meet with clients you can.

THIS IS A SELF EMPLOYED ROLE – Commissions will be paid on a weekly basis

Expected target earnings £43,200 to £55,000

don’t forget to mention that you got the hook up from Futuretrend. our cemap website and course details can be found here www.cemap123.co.uk

CeMAP questions from our Virtual Learning Zone (Part 6)

This is not only a fantastic resource for  post classroom or distance learning CeMAP study but also provides a whole years access to an eco-system of like-minded folk. and if a tutor is too busy (as was the case with the query below…both CeMAP tutors David and Malik were teaching at the time); what you will find is that there are always other students ready to help;

This months CeMAP query comes from Richard currently studying CeMAP 2.

Richards’s Question:

Morning all,

May be I’m being a bit thick here (!!) But I need help understanding the below please.

I need assistance with the deed of postponement, relating to second charges. In the notes it states:-

To set aside a 2nd mortgage, the original lender requires a deed of postponement that MUST be executed. The D.O.P will postpone the 2nd charge, and make it possible for the original lender to “Tack” a subsequent mortgage (third charge) to an original one.

Errm, can someone help my brain comprehend this please?


James recently completed his CeMAP Fast Track training with us and came to Richards rescue.

James’s answer:

Hi there,

It’s all to do with the order that payments will be allocated in the event of a repossession, the first charge (original mortgage) will be paid first, then the second charge, and if there’s a shortfall then the second charge lender is at more risk of losing their money than the first charge lender.

If the original lender wishes to increase their lending, that will be added to the original loan, and will be repaid in the event of a repossession before the second charge lender receives their money, so they would need a deed of postponement from the second charge lender to make sure that they agree to that happening, if they believe that it would be too much of a risk then they won’t agree to it.

An example:

Original mortgage is £100,000, there’s a second charge loan for £25,000, totalling £125,000 borrowing secured on a £200,000 property.

The customer approaches their first charge lender to borrow an additional £50,000, this would take the total borrowing to £175,000, the original lender can be pretty confident that their £150,000 can be repaid if the house is repossessed, but if property values drop and the house can only be sold for £160,000 then the original lender will have received their money back, but the second charge lender will have lost £15,000. 

The deed of postponement gives the second charge lender the chance to refuse to allow the additional borrowing to be tacked on to the loan that will be repaid before they are able to reclaim their money.

Hope that helps,
Give me a shout at www.cemap123.co.uk  if you need any more clarification.

Futuretrend students are crushing CeMAP!

Some inspiring feedback and  excellent results from  some students on David Airs Weekday Fast Track CeMAP classes.

I attended the CeMAP 2 and 3 course of recently and just wanted to thank you as I passed CeMAP 2 and 3 just before Christmas.  CeMAP 2 I achieved merit on the first module and then 3 distinctions on the remainder and I achieved merit on CeMAP 3.

I feel that I would not have achieved this without your course so thank you for your excellent training. Now the even harder part for me as I just need to find myself a job now!!


Hi David

I did the CeMAP 1 today and was absolutely gobsmacked to discover that I got distinction for both units – I thought I’d done okay on the 1st unit and was hoping to scrape a pass on the 2nd, so am absolutely delighted – it must be down to excellent tutoring! Let’s hope 2&3 go well too.

Thanks again for a great course and for your patience.

Best regards

Well done both of you and thank you for the kind words. It’s always great to see candidates shaping their careers by staying focused and working hard.
For information about our CeMAP Training please visit www.cemap123.co.uk or call us on 020 8443 2888.

IFS 2016/17 CeMAP Syllabus update delayed

The IFS University College have just informed us that the Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP®) examination will change on the 1 December 2016, with the new study material for the 2016/17 examination being released on 17 October 2016.


“It is usual for ifs­­ ­University College to change the examination on 1 September each year however this year due to our company change of name and other changes to the format of the study material, this date has moved to 1 December 2016.”

This gives students studying the current 2015/16 syllabus a lot longer to prepare themselves  and hopefully there won’t be the typical  lack of exam spaces in July/August.

CeMAP questions from our virtual learning zone (part 3)

Every month we go through our CeMAP forums at http://www.cemap123.co.uk (which our students have access to as part of their CeMAP Training programme) to see what interesting queries have been dziners-org-discussionposted.

Here is this months CeMAP query from Daniel A:


I’m baffled by how  share dividends work. For instance:
Will has received a cheque for £300 in respect of share dividends.

What was the gross amount upon which this payment was based?

Why is the answer £333.33?


This about ‘grossing up’. A dividend is always paid net of 10% tax. As £300 was received (net), then we need to gross it up i.e. divide by 0.9. 300/0.9 = 333.33, hence 100%.

Hope this clarifies it. Any other problems, don’t hesitate to ask

David A – Futuretrend CeMAP Trainer

Career Opportunities for CeMAP/DipFA qualified students

edward bond wealth management

Many of our students have gone on to have successful careers at Edward Bond Wealth Management. One in particular has consistently been the top earner not just at Edward Bond but the entire Intrinsic Network over the last 3 quarters.

As such we were approached by the MD to be on the lookout for more talented, enthusiastic people that we come across via our CeMAP/DipFA training.

This is what they have to offer:

Opportunities for Financial Advisers
Edward Bond are currently seeking experienced Financial Planners across the UK to join their growing
team. They have hundreds of pension transfer clients nationwide and require DipFA Qualified
Financial Advisers to assist these clients. In return you will receive both an upfront commission and an extensive trail commission along with the opportunity to close further business.

financial and mortgage advisors wanted

Excellent earning potential
First year income: £40k OTE
Second year income: £60k OTE
Build £10 million FUM in 3 years

Are you recently Qualified or at least started your DipFA qualification? Send your CV and a cover letter through to edwardbond at futuretrend.co.uk  or call us on 020 8443 2888

Opportunities for CeMAP Qualified Mortgage and Protection Consultants

Edward Bond are currently looking for professional individuals, who consider their sales skills to be pretty good and their ability to get on with clients unquestionable.

Ideally, you must possess a full UK driving license and have use of a vehicle. To assist you to meet targets you will have access to full mortgage administration, underwriting support and unparalleled technology. Candidates must be hard working and able to work under pressure, with good spoken English.

Candidate Requirements:

Minimum of CeMAP 1 for Protection Consultants
Minimium of Full CeMAP for Mortgage Consultants
Previous industry experience for Mortgage Consultants
Previous telephone and/or face to face sales experience
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Desire to build a career
Holding a full UK Driver’s Licence is a benefit but not essential
Extremely driven and motivated

-Cas Training
-Administration support
-Field support
-IT Support
-Appointments Provided
If this is of interest please send your CV and a cover letter through to edwardbond at futuretrend.co.uk or call us on 020 8443 2888

What to Look for in a Mortgage Advisor

The purchase of a buying a new house?home represents, by far, the largest single investment that most of us make during our lifetimes. Most of us, similarly, require a mortgage loan in order to make that purchase, and the importance of accurate, impartial mortgage advice cannot, therefore, be underestimated. Individual mortgage brokers, or the companies that they represent, must be authorised by – and therefore bound by the rules and regulations of – the Financial Services Authority (FSA). They must, for example, provide you with so-called `Keyfacts` documents, which clearly illustrate the main points of any service or product that they may offer you.

Types of Mortgage Advisors

Independent mortgage advisors are divided into two categories,  `Independent Mortgage Advisor`and Tied Mortgage Advisor`. These descriptions are, unfortunately, rather similar so, for clarification, the former offers independent advice on the whole of the market, including protection insurance; this can be useful if you need advice on other products relevant to your property purchase. A Tied Mortgage Advisor, on the other hand, offers advice on mortgage products but is  limited in the number of lenders, and products that they can offer. Any such affiliations should be made clear to you in the `Keyfacts` document relating to mortgage services, so make sure that you are aware of the range of products on offer.

Mortgage advice, inevitably, costs money, but there a number of different ways in which you can pay a mortgage advisor, or broker. for example, most will  offer you option of paying him, or her, by fee, rather than commission, in order to avoid bias on his, or her, part towards one mortgage product over another. Commission – a fee paid by a lender in return for selling a specific product – is, of course, another alternative, and a combination of part fee, part fee commission, may also be possible.

Qualifications & Experience

Mortgage advisors should be suitably qualified, in the eyes of the FSA, which means that they should have undertaken recognised qualifications, such as the `Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice` (CeMAP® ) and the `Certificate and Diploma in Financial Planning`, from the `Chartered Insurance Institute` (CII), before being allowed to offer advice. If you need to check the qualifications or a mortgage advisor – and the advice that he, or she, is authorised to offer – the FSA operate a consumer telephone helpline.

In addition to `paper` qualifications, experience in the industry – for example, counselling, or advising, individual consumers on their own, specific, financial needs – is also important. Don`t be afraid to ask an advisor for whom, or for how long, he, or she, has worked in the industry, and how his, or her, experience relates to his, or her, current job. Any mortgage advisor worth their salt will happily discuss these details with you, as well as leading you through the myriad of fixed rate, variable rate and flexible mortgage products available.