Reasons to learn adobe Illustrator

adobe illustrator training in north londonAs an avid Adobe illustrator user and tutor I have recently had a few people contact me wanting to know if they should consider learning illustrator.

Graphic designers use different programs or software to generate their graphics. Most people agree that Adobe Illustrator ranks as one of the most popular vector graphic design software packages.

However, popularity alone wouldn’t convince an aspiring graphic designer to select illustrator as their preferred software package. Below are some top reasons why you should consider learning illustrator especially if you are into web design, logo design or any other profession which calls for creating graphics from scratch.

It allows you to freely express your ideas

One of the things a graphics specialist wants to do when designing an advert or poster is freely express an idea which connects with their targeted audience. Illustrator allows you to create your designs from scratch which implies that you can create virtually anything as long as you have the skill and knowledge.

Easily create logos

Illustrator is a vector graphic editor which implies that one can easily use it to do their art work which places the programs among the best in logo design. The pen tool allows you to create shapes while the isolated background feature enhances your work. You should however note that logo design requires adept skill and therefore obliges to go through viable illustrator training if they wish to create captivating logos.

Draw your own icons

Illustrator has a powerful grid system which allows you to draw attractive icons using different shapes which are fitted into the grid. After arranging the shapes, it is relatively easy to color them using tools made available in Illustrator. If you are in the process of developing a website, software package or anything else which requires icons for navigation, you will certainly need to familiarize with adobe illustrator.

Come up with great infographics

As the name suggests, infographics are used to represent information on a graphical chart. In most cases, they are used on newspapers and magazines to support the content written in text. Of late, internet marketers now use infographics to capture the attention of their audience on blogs and informational pages on their websites. With illustrator, you can either choose to create an infographic from scratch or you can use the programs templates and create equally appealing charts by just entering data. Remember, how good your info graphic looks depends on your skills which gives another reason why it would it would be worthwhile to take an illustrator course.

Draw maps

With Adobe Illustrator, you realize that you can draw actual maps using the pen and line tool. At first it might prove difficult to use the pen tool but as time advances and with more practice, it becomes easier as you perfect on accuracy.

Always bear in mind that graphic design can be a well paid profession. As a budding graphic designer or web developer, agencies and companies are looking for people with a wide range of skills. You need to develop these to become more marketable. This will probably make you appreciate the importance of learning  Adobe illustrator or enrolling on an Adobe Illustrator course that will help you acquire the necessary skills..

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