Financial Market Outlook 11.1.2017

financial analystThe FTSE 100, made history yesterday, not only did it close at another  record high at 7275 up 37.7 points  +0.37%,  but it was also the  9th day in a role of closing at a new high. This has never happened before in the history of the FTSE.

The reason behind it is that the British pound has been falling since the BREXIT, as a weaker pound will increase profits of multinational corporations that are listed on the index, when they convert their earnings to pounds.

It is kind of a catch 22 situation, because as the pound goes down the FTSE goes up.  If you are currently investing in the UK stock market, it’s great, but not too good if international business needs to be done. A weaker pound, will give you less for your money in a foreign country.

The Mining, Banking and Health Care Equipment & Services had a good trading day.

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Financial Market Outlook 10.1.2017

exam analystThe FTSE closed at a new high yesterday, at 7215 up 5.90, 0.08%.

Morrison Supermarkets was one of the main gainers of the market as the fourth largest supermarket in the UK did better than expected in the Christmas trading. The results indicate that the recent Christmas trading was the best performance in the last seven years. The Share price was up 4.2 %.

However, Tesco, the UK’s number one supermarket has emerged the winner with the fastest growing sales among the sector over the Christmas period. Tesco was up around 5% at the close of yesterday’s trading.

In New York, USA, THE Dow Jones did reach 20,000 – a new high but closed below the figure at the end of yesterday’s trading.

President Elect Donald Trump met with Jack Ma – CEO of Alibaba and promised to bring 1 million jobs to America. I believe trading deals and brining jobs back America as well as creating Jobs will be a strong point for Mr Trump.
Alibaba’s earnings for last quarter are due out on January 24.

Back on President Elect Trump; he has appointed his son in law Jared Kushner as his senior adviser. Mr Kushner played a key role in Mr Trump’s campaign for the election, and is married to Ivanka Trump.

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Financial Market insight from our stocks and shares trainer

The FTSE closed at 7198.41 on Friday up 0.04%, I must say the index has started much stronger than this time last year.

Also from America, the Dow Jones Industrial Index closed just below 20,000, which is an all-time high, I believe the week approaching, we will see the Dow  go above the 20,000 mark for the first this in history. This could be classed as a positive for both the outgoing President Obama, and for President elect Trump.exam analyst

The figures that came out on last Friday (Non-farm payrolls) show that 156,000 jobs to the labour market, but the real good news was that the wage growth was the strongest since 2009. Good news for the outgoing President Obama, which would add to his legacy.

Remember, what happens in the US Market has an impact on the UK Market.

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The US and the UK Financial Market have both started on a positive note. However, there are a lot trumpstocksof factors to take into consideration, such as BREXIT and the President elect Trump presidency.  What happens in America will have an impact on the UK’s Financial Market. So far so good, the Market seems to be positive about the new President.  Everybody is waiting, for Trump to take office and see how his policies will affect the Market.

We have started to see a little bit of what his plans are for job creation – lowering taxes for corporations, and bringing American jobs back home. So from a business point of view, it looks potentially good.

Some uncertainty with BREXIT, but it all seems to be priced into the Market, we have a similar stance with President elect Donald Trump, which is placing the country first, and that’s why the people voted out of the EU, and the Americans on other hand, voted Trump because he has promised “to make America great again”.

Prime Minister Theresa May is meeting with President elect Trump in spring, which is good, because coming out of the EU, which Donald Trump himself was in favour of, we now have to build and improve relations with our number one ally, in ways that will benefit both countries and as a result, this will give a positive outlook to the Financial Market.

As the world at large is  counting down the days for the inauguration of President elect Trump, and most people like me are wondering what the world will be like as Donald Trump takes office of the most powerful country on earth, which would obviously make him the most powerful man on earth.

Donald Trump has picked top wealthy businessman as his economic advisers, most fall in the category of the Billionaires club, the “know how” that made them personally successful, could now  possibly, help America as a country, and they may have the Answers to their  trade deficit, National debt  ( 14 Trillion), and other economic issues.

Some of his wealthy Advisers are:

Carl Ichan who will be the special adviser on Regulatory Reforms. He is aged 80 years, he has a conglomerate holding company in New York and he is the majority shareholder.  He started out as a stockbroker on Wall Street in the early 1960s and started his own firm in the late 1960s. His firm (Securities) focused on risk arbitrage and option trading.
Harold Hamm, self–made oil billionaire,
Dan DiMicco, a former chief executive of steelmaker Nucor;
Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s national finance director, who is chairman and chief executive of the hedge fund Dune Capital Management;
Steve Roth, founder and chief executive of Vornado Realty Trust;
John Paulson Hedge fund billionaire ;
Howard Lorber, chief executive of the Vector Group;
Tom Barrack Real estate investor ;

To reiterate, Donald Trump has so far brought a positive vibe to the Financial Market both here in the UK and the US, and we here at Futuretrend Training Academy wish him the very best as the 45th  President of the United States of America.

We offer monthly classes on Stocks, Shares and investments for beginners and advance classes.  To learn how to start investing in the market or take control of your financial destiny enroll on one of our courses or  read more about our stock market training hereshares_training_ad

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DipFA Factfind Exam Tips: How can I analyse protection needs of a family?

The DipFA factfind exam set for Jan 12th 2017 is fast approaching. Our lead tutor Betul Cuninghame explores some concepts worth considering here:exam analyst

When recommending protection policies, always imagine the effects of the financial risks on the family and think in detail. It is not a good practice to see only one aspect of such risks and making recommendations on that basis. Recommending  life cover equal to the mortgage debt only without giving any extra money for other costs after death may not suffice!

EXAMPLE: the death of a parent may mean that:

  • no more income will come from that parent,
  • mortgage is no longer affordable;
  • it may result in repossession due to non-payment of mortgage
  • repossession may bring homelessness to the remaining members of the family
  • the other parent will lose his/her job to look after the children etc.
  • funeral costs and other costs to be paid from the other parent’s income or savings until s/he gets grant of probate – s/he can’t access any savings of the deceased until s/he gets grant of probate, resulting in costly bills to be paid by other means.

All these risks require careful analysis and proportionate amounts to overcome financial issues after the events. Having a life cover just equal to the mortgage debt will only pay off the mortgage but it will not leave any money for the other costs after death of that parent e.g. funeral costs, legal costs (probate), bills to be paid (one parent’s income may not be sufficient to pay the whole household bills) etc.

So, either

  • increase the lump sum amount to cover these extra costs and to provide income with the remaining amount OR
  • have another cover to supplement the life cover: e.g. Life cover to pay off the mortgage as well as a FIB to provide income to cover all these extra costs after the death of one parent.

You should be able to decide what amount of cover would be appropriate and justify it in your reports.

For more help and support with your upcoming factfind exam see how we can help you at our dedicated DipFA Training web site

CeMAP questions from our virtual learning zone (part 5)

Every month we go through our CeMAP forums at   and our students have access to as part of their CeMAP Training programme) to see what interesting queries have been dziners-org-discussionposted.

This months CeMAP query comes from Mansi currently studying CeMAP 2.

Mansi Question:


I need help with mock papers -Payments and products B.(no 11)

question is “Ian and Sandra are buying a new house and have been offered a £120,000, 25 year repayment mortgage at 6%,giving a monthly payment of £6.52 per £1000 borrowed.How much would the total payments compare with an interest only mortgage at the same rate,backed by an Nisa with monthly contribution of £200?

ans is “The interest only mortgage would be £18 month more expensive”.

But cannot work it out .

Kindly help.

David’s answer:

Good morning Mansi,

Easy peasy!!!!

The question is testing whether you know how to work out the costs of a repayment mortgage compared to interest only.

So, Repayment – the mortgage costs 6.52 per thousand, so 6.52 x 120 (thousands) = £782.40 per month

Interest only – 120,000 x 6% = 7,200 PER YEAR. Divide by 12 gives the monthly payment of £600. Then add the cost of the ISA = £200. So Interest mortgage will cost £600+£200 = £800

So, £800 – £782.40 = £17.60 which gives the closest to the answer of £18

I hope this answers your query. Should you need any further explanation please let us know


 David Airs (Futuretrend CeMAP Tutor)

New Work Experience and Mentoring Project for Business Analysts and Software Testers

We are currently rounding up our Project which started  in June. This project covered the building of an application for trading and auctioning of seafood and aquatic products in the international market. It was quite demanding for the Business Analysts and Software Testers who had to utilise their skills to the fullest as it was a complex application. The students  and their Project Manager (Chetan) have worked very hard on this and  a lot has been learnt. We’re now looking forward to a new project which will kick off on September 19th.

Project Charter


The new project is about developing a software application for a client who is a health/protein food (raw material) manufacturer. The raw material  is sold to companies where it undergoes processing and dilution. It is then used as an ingredient for manufacturing edible products like protein food, digestive medicines, health drinks etc. The software application would cater to the needs of the client’s employees who work in the areas of manufacturing, merchandising, logistics and others. There is huge scope for the BA/QAs to develop  a wide range of skills being involved in a project like this.

We are now taking registrations from aspiring Business Analysts and Quality Assurance Analysts for this programme. If you want to be part of this exciting team please sign up before September 19th 2016.

For more details of what our work experience and mentoring program involves please visit  our dedicated web page for this here:

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of the way.

In line with this, we will be directly promoting peojob search strategyple on the talent showcase as part of
the service and the aim is to place people in appropriate organisations for internships or paid
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Upon confirmation we will quickly get in touch with you to discuss the next steps.

IFS 2016/17 CeMAP Syllabus update delayed

The IFS University College have just informed us that the Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP®) examination will change on the 1 December 2016, with the new study material for the 2016/17 examination being released on 17 October 2016.


“It is usual for ifs­­ ­University College to change the examination on 1 September each year however this year due to our company change of name and other changes to the format of the study material, this date has moved to 1 December 2016.”

This gives students studying the current 2015/16 syllabus a lot longer to prepare themselves  and hopefully there won’t be the typical  lack of exam spaces in July/August.

IFS DipFA Fact Find exam 7th July 2016

The Fact Find for the next exam has just been released, and there is plenty to get your teeth into!rp_finance-role1-300x200.jpg

What is covered?

The fact find covers a wide variety of topics, such as;

  • Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Final Salary Pensions
  • Investment Planning
  • Ethical Investments

and more, all to be researched and then written up in a 3 hour exam.

As always, there may also be areas or information missing or incomplete, which you will be expected to spot and account for, followed by some amendments on the day.

What does the exam look like?

Remember, the exam is there to test your knowledge, understanding, and crucially the application of that knowledge to the client’s situation and needs.

You will have to write or type out a full Suitability Report from scratch in three hours.  Whilst the report may not fully resemble a ‘real life’ report, (it is after all an exam) that is a tall order.

A good thing to remember is that you need to explain your recommendations, and why they are suitable for the clients, even if it seems ‘obvious’.

How should you prepare?

Research and Practice!

Reading and studying the required areas covered in the Fact Find is essential. Web searching the basics and then following up with the IFS Study Topic Folders is useful for most candidates.

Then once you have formulated some solid recommendations practice delivering your report in the 3 hour limit.

Remember though that anything can come up as an amendment on the day if the subject is in the syllabus!

Where can I get help?

For those looking to gain extra support on top of the IFS help and guidance, Futuretrend are running online courses and a one day course in London on 11th June 2016

However you choose to study, Good Luck to all those engaging with this exam!

Paul Davis