New Software Testing and Business Analyst Work Experience and Mentoring Programme launched

Are you an aspiring Business analyst or Software Tester? Have you done a whole bunch of Business Analysis training or Software Testing training and now know all the theory basics? Fantastic. But there’s only so much studying that you can do towards landing that dream job.

The truth is that the more project experience you have the better prepared you will be when it comes to facing tough questions at your interview. Especially if they are scenario-based and set up to see what approach you will take and whether your current skillset will add value. Furthermore, after successfully bagging the job knowing exactly what to do for each task you are saddled with is very important if you want to keep it.

We have now launched a new work experience and mentoring project to give you that valuable experience you need.

Why is this aimed at Business Analysts and Software Testers?

We strongly believe in the “Three Amigos” concept. This involves a business analyst, a tester and a developer all coming together and reviewing anything that has been created for the project. As a group they ask any questions and define a clear view of what is being developed.

This type of group is best formed at the very beginning of the development process. They will oversee and have input from the initial planning stages all the way through to release. They are usually the group that does demo acceptance or actively organizes and directs the workflow. The main focus is for the team to show that they understand what they need to do. And they do this through questions, discussions of concrete examples, and proposed solutions. All this helps to mitigate issues later in the development cycle

When working in this fashion there is huge scope for team members to develop  a wide range of skills (including Agile, User stories, Project backlog, backlog grooming, Test Plan, Test cases, Test reports, Defect management, Change management, etc)

The project
The next project on the cards for our Business Analyst’s and Software Testers will involve enhancements to an existing financial course bookings web portal. The project will be run in an agile mode and will be lead by a team of experienced Senior Business Analysts and Test Managers.
As you know for software products already developed, there is still a need to maintain and update it to fulfil the changing needs and demands of the users. As such good quality long-term support that can allow the effective implementation of any changes is required. The Project team will be expected to map as-is,to-be, analyse current requirements/change requests, hold story-sizing meetings, propose enhancements for client to review, create to-be flow charts , interpret, manage and test change requests accordingly.

online meeting of BA's and QA's

We are now inviting aspiring Business Analysts and Software Testers to join the project and get a feel for working on a  live application with various modules being built.

We are now taking registrations from aspiring Business Analysts and Software Test Analysts for this programme. If you want to be part of this exciting team please sign up on our dedicated IT professional training website: before October 23rd 2020.

Remember, there is no need to visit our training centre to participate as everything is done online via Zoom or Google Meet. As long as you have access to the internet and time available in the evenings to attend meetings then you will be just fine.

For more details of what our work experience and mentoring program involves please visit  our dedicated web page for this here:

if you don’t have any knowledge and want to train as a business analyst see details of our standard business analysis training here.
if you don’t have any knowledge and want to train as a software test analyst see details of our standard software testing training here.

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